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InWaTec combined GmbH is a subsidiary of the Czwaluk group of companies. The name InWaTec is composed of repair, maintenance and technic. At that time InWaTec was a GmbH for personnel services and in 2020 it was transformed into InWaTec combined GmbH. In 2020, the Czwaluk group of companies adapted its services to the market and expanded them accordingly.

The main focus of our services lies in the area of slickline and wireline. Since July 2020 InWaTec combined GmbH has 3 combined units, manufacturer GOES/KATT, equipped with slickline and E-Line cables, as well as 2 E-Line units for Well Integrity Service, equipped with Schlumberger Wireline technology and Maxwell Software. We also have the expertise in-house and therefore continue to provide this portfolio to our customers in Germany. With our own mechanical engineering department, we are also able to produce special tools in close cooperation with our customers.

InWaTec Tool GmbH, service provider for the production and delivery of Downhole & Thru Tubing Tools for Wellbore, Work-over and Coiled Tubing applications, is also located in Vechta.

A further department is InWaTec combined B.V., based in Emmen/NL. Service provider for slickline, wireline and mini coil services.

In total InWaTec has 4x combined onshore units, 2x E-Line Units, 2x combined offshore units, 1x mini coil unit and 37 highly experienced employees.

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Everything from one source:

The service is always offered from a single source, thus enabling short information paths between the customer and us, as well as attractive conditions in the provision of services. The many years of experience of our German-speaking staff in the oil and gas industry speak for themselves. Our employees are very familiar with the safety-relevant processes in the industry. The professional implementation of customer requirements, to a high qualitative degree, is of great importance to us.

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